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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development events 2017-2018

The Department for Arts in Health and Education, CIT CCAD is delighted to offer a 6 hours CPD OPPORTUNITY on 12th MAY 2018 at our new location, 46 Grand Parade, Cork

An Introduction to Alchemy and its relevance to creative therapy practice
An experiential one day CPD journey with Julie Aldridge, MA Art Therapy.

Saturday May 12th (10.30am to 16.30pm) tea and coffee available

To think of alchemy only as a precursor to modern chemistry or as a method of transmuting lead to gold (which has since been proven possible but too expensive) is to greatly limit the scope of this ancient discipline. For the last few years my own art work has been increasingly concerned with alchemical concepts. I have come to see the usefulness of these ideas, in relation to process and the intimate engagement with the nature of materials, which we as art therapists are deeply involved with as practitioners. For Carl Jung, alchemy was one of the best analogies of the aims of psycho therapy and the analytic process. It provided insights into the transcendent nature of the psyche through the notion of transformation and was central to his concept of the collective unconscious.

This workshop will be experientially based and we will look at process in terms of the alchemical sequence. I will focus on the idea of the vessel as container and the main colour values of the alchemical process and the meaning attached to them. I will demonstrate aspects of my own practice and their relevance to the therapeutic encounter.

Fee: €80

To book a place please email Gabi.Beuchert@cit.ie to enroll (asap, as numbers are limited)

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