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our name has changed to the Department of Arts in Health & Community Practice and we’ve made a few changes to our website. There is a new section Partnerships/Projects with information about some of the exciting projects we are involved in. Please take a look here.

26th Art Therapy Summer School

25–29 June 2016
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Perceptions 2016

The Easter 1916 Proclamation declared its resolve to cherish “all of the children of the nation equally and oblivious of the differences … which have divided a minority from the majority in the past” In September 2016, Cork City Council Arts office, Crawford Art Gallery and CIT Crawford College of Art and Design are building on the success of their 2013 Art of Inclusion exhibition that brought together the work of 50 artists from around the world to exhibit in Cork city. As we commemorate the 1916 centenary, an exciting variety of exhibitions and events will challenge this resolve bringing colour, energy, imagination and discussion to Cork City. While 2016 is a time to remember the past, it is also an opportunity to re-imagine the future and to expand our perceptions of future possibilities for a brighter more equal society.

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Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate - documentation of a group reflective learning session from Louise Foott on Vimeo.

Crawford College of Art & Design has provided education in the arts for over 200 years. Located in the city of Cork, Ireland, the college has a proud tradition in the fields of fine art, ceramic design, art teacher training and continuing visual education.

For over two decades the Art Therapy Department has worked to establish a portfolio of courses offering tuition and professional training in areas from adult education through arts in community practice to art therapy; exploring creativity and art making within a social context and the differing roles it can play. The central theme and link between all our courses is that of the innate creativity of individuals and the potential this has, when used as a creative methodology by practitioners, to enhance communication, self and group understanding and relationship building between individuals and groups within our society. This year sees the Art Therapy Department change its name to Department of Arts in Health & Community Practice, reflecting more accurately the range of courses we offer.

Art Therapy Introductory Days and the Cork Art Therapy Summer School provide entry-level opportunities to explore the theory and practice of Art Therapy, together with a chance to work experientially.

The Principles of Art Therapy Certificate (Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualification) provides an lore the core principles of Art Therapy within a group setting. For many it may be a step towards training as a qualified art therapist. For others it may introduce them to a more sympathetic understanding of the role of art in rehabilitation and development work.

At professional training level, we offer the qualifying Masters Degree in Art Therapy. This course was the first of its kind in Ireland and, for over a decade now, sees Irish trained art therapists graduate annually.

Exploring other roles for the arts within a social context, the Arts in Group Facilitation Certificate (Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualification) aims to facilitate artists, community workers, care assistants and anyone involved in informal education in the development of their facilitation and leadership skills in creative group work. The Creativity & Change Certificate (Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualification), with an emphasis on social change and global citizenship, is aimed at a similar group, including youth workers, activist educators, volunteers and anyone who is interested in exploring the connection between creativity, learning and change in the world.

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